Form + Function

Form + Function


As both an artist and designer, I am interested in the boundary between the two disciplines; what separates fine art from graphic design and in what ways are they tied? Through this project, I set out to explore this border between information and aesthetic by blurring the line
between the two.


Each print is an interpretation of a letter in the alphabet, abstracting the form and rendering it unreadable. Although the content challenges the conventions of information design, the materials and dimensions of these prints are consistent with conventional posters.

The prints were hung on five bulletin boards in downtown Burlington, Vermont – one print on each bulletin. Formally similar to the other posters on the boards, these prints don’t deliver any obvious news or information. I wanted to examine the way context plays a role in how we interpret visual objects; approaching a poster with no information creates a disjunctive experience that then leads to an awareness of the way we consume graphic media.

Abstracting through shape, line, and color I manipulated our common perception; instead of recognizing the function of the letter, I wanted to dramatize the aesthetic of the shape and bring awareness to the bulletin boards as form.

Much of my inspiration came from street art and the way it challenges how and where we interact with art, pushing us to break out of our ideals of the gallery or museum.


Silkscreen on poster board, 11” x 17”