Vagabond Coalition

Vagabond Coalition


An alliance of those who choose the life of wandering. We are rascals, rogues, and wanderers.


Vagabond Coalition is an alliance of travelers and wanderers brought together to tell their stories, through fact or fiction, across different mediums. The ever-evolving project is partially embodied through a printed magazine dedicated to assembling experiences, exploits and misadventures.

When designing the visual language for Vagabond, I wanted to emphasize its dedication to inventive storytelling. I was inspired by the system of symbols used by drifters to communicate to one another as they traveled the U.S.; written in chalk on a fence post or scratched into the dirt under an overpass, each symbol had a different meaning and informed fellow wanderers of places to find food or shelter. I mimicked this language to create a logo that will stand as a symbol of camaraderie and adventure.

Strong photographic imagery and a mix of generated and handwritten text creates an interactive - sometimes juxtaposed - visual language that straddles the line between refinement and grit to create a dynamic storytelling environment.